Canelo Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez’s son

I’ll probably spend more time bragging about how spot on my analysis on the Joshua vs Klitschko fight was than I will watching any tape or breaking down the upcoming Golden Boy promotions card. That being said let’s get an ice pack ready before I blow out my shoulder patting myself on the back. The first few rounds went much like I expected. Back and forth exchanges and tied on the scorecards for most of the fight. Both men scoring big knock downs and both showing incredible toughness and both earned a lot of respect in my book. Joshua was up enough on the scorecards to win the decision before the knockout which was nice to see. Wlad came in hugging with his arms up/out like I said in the breakdown and right on cue Joshua just about put his head into the third row with an uppercut. That punch changed the course of the fight and had Klitschko on noodle legs till the end. Great fight, great payday, and the leader in the clubhouse for fight of the year.

The combination of the Mexican-American war in 1864-1868 and the Reform War in 1858-1861 left the Mexican treasury poor and indebted to it’s allied countries. With an economy crippled by war spending and patriotism at an all time low president Benito Ju├írez made a decision to put all payments to allied countries on a two year hiatus to help the economy and boost morale around his country. It was understood by Britain and Spain that this time was necessary to rebuild, but France on the other hand had bigger plans. The juggernaut army the French had built up at this time had an almost 50 year unbeaten streak and proudly held up their championship belt while thinking Mexican’s hard times would mean an easy win to add to their impressive record. The David vs Goliath 12 round main event was named the Battle of Puebla. The day on which this battle was fought, May 5th 1862. “Cinco de Mayo” as it is now commemorated as. The poorly equipped and under sized Mexican army refused to be beat and they defeated the French army, restoring pride in the hearts of Mexican citizens and the economy reaped the benefits.

This Cinco de Mayo we have another David vs Goliath match up in Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Julio Chavez Jr. The two biggest names in Mexican boxing will step into the ring this weekend to do battle in a 12 round light middleweight championship fight in Las Vegas. The victor however will undoubtedly be Goliath. Canelo Alvarez is an elite striker with serious power. He can hang with anyone near his weight class. On the B side we have son of the greatest Mexican Champion boxing will ever know. Julio Cesar Chavez will be immortalized in the sport’s heritage; his son has Goliath sized shoes to fill but no slingshot will help him this weekend. Chavez Jr. is a decent enough boxer; he showed signs of power against the lowest of the low competition but when the going gets tough Chavez Jr. hasn’t showed any semblance of the heart or grit that it takes to hang with the elites of the division. I’m not going to waste anymore time with this breakdown. Canelo has an overwhelming technical advantage; he’s going to be better anywhere and everywhere the fight goes. As if that wasn’t enough he turned up the heat in the “Face Off” HBO interview making Chavez look like he was explianing to his dad why he burnt the empanadas. I generally rationalize spending money on Pay Per Views by saying I’ll win on the bets but you would have to risk $581.25 to win enough on Canelo to pay for the card. Parlay David Lemieux and Canelo. Or take either by TKO/KO; have a few Coronas or Tecates while you search for streams that are as illegal as anyone who cares about the fight.

Addition 5/3/17:
Seeing Chavez get sucked down to “Canelo weight” is going to be trouble. He’s going to be frail looking on the scale. The mental toll of the cut and mind games going on are going be be rough. I think Canelo is going to go hard on Chavez’s already diminished body. I can see him using his left hook to the body early and often, my only concern is that he doesn’t spend too much time admiring his work. His left hook to the body could leave him vulnerable to the straight right hand. As long as he can mind his P’s and Q’s while going to the midsection it’s going to pay dividends as soon as the 4th and 5th rounds.

I am going to with a 6th round TKO for Canelo.

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